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The name Gayheng is a transliteration and translation of the Chinese characters with meaning of ‘Art’ or ‘Skill’ and ‘Prosperity’. With decades of continuous development since 1960’s, Gayheng has transformed itself from a simple metal workshop to a regional stainless steel kitchen equipment player. We provide a wide range of standard and custom-made stainless steel kitchen equipment to restaurants, hotels, food courts, cafes, airports, military camps, hospitals, school canteens, supermarkets, fish markets, food factories and government institutions, from small to large scale catering volumes.


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商用厨房设计要遵循哪些原则? 7大原则需谨记!

商用厨房设计要遵循哪些原则? 7大原则需谨记!

Published: 17-Apr-2020

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